Welcome to JKP Sports!

JKP Sports is a full service sports photography company specializing in sporting events offering high quality action photography & on-site printing.

Welcome to JKP Sports!

JKP Sports also covers any style race across the country, as well as provides award medals to any event & on-site custom engraving services to the participants.

Sport Events Photography

JKP Sports is becoming one of the leading sports event photography companies in the Region! We offer quality images and products, on-site printing and great pricing!

Race Photography

JKP Sports offers top notch race photography services! We offer FREE image downloads to the race participants, live social media coverage during the event, branding for the race and sponsors, and a happy participant at the end of the day!

Team & Individual Photography Services

JKP Sports offers top quality posed team & individual photography services for any size team and league!

Awards & Engraving

JKP Sports now offers award medals! No need to deal with multiple vendors when you can have it done through us! Also coming soon: On-site custom engraving on award medals!

JKP Sports

JKP Sports is a full service sports photography company specializing in sporting events offering high quality action photography & on-site printing. We also provide posed team & individual photography services for your sports team, as well as supply award medals & on-site custom engraving at our events!

Welcome to JKP Sports!

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We strive to be your ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for photography and award needs for your events!

Latest Events


2014 Colorado Springs Invitational

We hope you had a wonderful time at the 2014 Colorado Springs Invitational! You will need to know your DAY & TIME of the event in order to find your...


2014 Diva Dash – Chicago

  Photos are online! Click on the banner below to view your images:  


2014 USFS Colorado Championships

We hope you had a blast at the 2014 Colorado Championships! CLICK HERE to view your images. You must know the day, and time(s) of your competition.


2014 Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete Games

We hope you enjoyed the 1st Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete Games! Photos are online!  Please click on the logo below to view your images. Note: Be sure to browse the...


2014 CARA Regionals

Due to popular demand, we have put the CARA Regionals images online! State images will not be posted. Please click the appropriate link below.  You will need to know roughly the time(s)...


2014 USFS Vail Invitational

We hope you all enjoyed our services at our first Vail Invitational! Image may be viewed online by clicking on the banner below. You must know the DAY & TIME...

Meet The Owner

For the past 13 years, Jason K. Powers has been a freelance photographer based in the Colorado area. He has covered a wide range of subjects from sports, photojournalism, weddings, modeling, headshots, documentary, editorial, environmental portraiture and general portraiture. Jason has worked with clients from families, to major magazines, PR firms, modeling agencies and newspapers. In 2006 he co-founded the non-profit, North East India Project (NEIP), where he served as President. NEIP worked with remote tribal villages in the jungles of North East India helping them to become more self-sustaining. Jason was among a small group of people who were the first foreigners to visit some of these places since the last 1800’s. His first coffee table book, One Man’s Road – A Journey Into North East India came out in 2013. He has also traveled to Vietnam and Thailand, spent time in the cities and deserts of Jordan and the jungles of Laos. In 2013 Jason split his company up to better focus on sports & events while in the States, and documentary & ethnographic photography while abroad. JKP Sports now covers everything from CHSAA State Championships in Colorado, to USAG meets & State Championships around the country, to marathons, triathlons, bike races and many other sporting events. Jason’s love for travel, adventure, and the remote areas of the world has shifted the focus of his newest company, Powers Global Ventures, doing documentary and ethnographic photography work. His primary project going on right now is Denver’s Hidden Homeless, taking him to the inner city of Denver, Colorado’s hidden homeless population. Be sure to keep a close eye on Jason and his next adventure!